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Violet Love headbands were created in 2006 by then-civil engineer Rebecca Michaels, an avid runner and fashion maven who set out to create a headband to suit her needs and lifestyle. After sewing her first bright orange headband, she wore it for a run. It functioned like a charm, absorbing the sweat that used to drip into her ears, while comfortably staying put. That fall, Violet Love won Surf Expo’s Launched contest, featuring the 10 hottest products of the year.

Fashionistas wear Violet Love...Headbands are hip, cute, inexpensive ways to add color to an outfit, and headbands make women feel feminine during sweaty workouts and dirty outdoor activities. If you have to be a hot mess, you may as well look good doing it.

Athletes wear Violet Love... And we mean Olympians. The U.S. Women’s Ice Hockey Team wore custom Violet Love headbands to the 2010 Olympic games in Vancouver. And Forward Kelli Stack wore the very same headband again during the medal ceremony at the 2014 Olympics in Sochi.

We also mean the 2,300-plus yogis who filled Detroit’s Ford Field for a world record- breaking indoor yoga class in February 2014, wearing custom Violet Love headbands.

That’s not all. Runners, climbers, surfers and other outdoor enthusiasts also rely on Violet Love to absorb sweat during intense workouts.

The Press Loves Violet Love:

Violet Love has been recognized by the Today Show and Health Magazine for its “no-headache, no-slip”features. LA Yoga, Self Magazine, Prevention, Women’s Wear Daily, NBC Miami, Women’s Surf Style Magazine, Transworld Business, Body Inspired Fitness, the Pound Girls and blogger Kristin McGee all put Violet Love on their must-have lists for fashionable fitness attire.

The Evolution of Violet Love:

Just as trends and the needs of our customers change, so does the Violet Love brand. Over the last 12 years, the brand has expanded exponentially, currently offering an expanded headwear category that includes snapback hats and beanies as well as over 100 styles of headbands.

Our newest innovation is the premium bandeau top, which is everyday comfort in a bra or bathing suit top combined with VL’s funky fashion and ultimate function. Make sure you check them out and read more details about them on our site. You won’t want to miss these!

Rebecca likes to design for every-woman as an extention of her unique style, as you can see by the designs found in our super-soft scarves, multi-function zippered pouches, and comfortable tanks, tees, and hoodies.

We hope you enjoy the new website and all of our awesome products made for the incredible Violet Love woman. HAPPY, STYLISH, & BADASS.

Xo and VL – Rebecca & the VL team Comment on text