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The Lo-Down: Our original no-headache, no-slip headband is available in a variety of fabrics, prints and colors. Each headband can be opened up and worn wide or folded for a narrower, more traditional look. The way you wear it is completely up to you and your individual style. The purpose of the below sizing guide is to help explain each style of fabrics and their basic fit.

HeadBand size guide

This is an ACTUAL headband pictured here. No computer-generated image, which means that what you see is what you get!

All Violet Love headbands (regular size) can be opened up to a full width of 5-inches at its largest size. Prefer to keep your headband folded into a more “traditional” headband style? The headband folds into a clean 1.75-inches.

When laid flat, our headbands measure 9-inches from end to end lengthwise. What does this mean for you? It means that without stretching the band at all, you are looking at an 18-inch circumference to go around your head. Please refer to our different style fabric descriptions below to see just how much each one will stretch to accommodate that noggin of yours!

HeadBand size guide
HeadBand size guide

Additional images of our headbands shown traditionally folded (left) and worn at the fully opened width (right).

Our SIGNATURE COUTURE PRINTS printed on our unique buttery-soft fabric will stretch to a maximum of 26-inches around the whole circumference of your head. This fabric is perfect for everyday wear, light workouts, and all day comfort.

Our BLACK LABEL, PREMIUM SOLIDS, and HEATHERS COLLECTION use a slightly heavier weight fabric than our Signature Couture Headbands and provide a slightly tighter fit (stretching to a maximum of 24-inches around the circumference of your head). We recommend these styles for intense workouts, a smaller head, or even very fine hair.

The KIDS COLLECTION was created using our super-soft Signature Couture fabric in a smaller size for babies and those wee little ones. The kids’ headbands can open up fully to 4-inches wide and can stretch from 14 to 22-inches around the circumference of the head.


The Skinny: Our new unisex snapback hats combine structure with style, giving them the perfect balance of badass and babe. The adjustable snapback allows one size to fit most.

VLH Adjustable hats

In the original snapped position, the circumference corresponds to a 7 ¼-inch hat size. The desired size can be adjusted smaller or larger depending on the snap position.


The Dealio: Our unique bandeau tops are designed & printed in LA on our Signature Couture buttery-soft fabric. Wear it alone as a top, layered under revealing tanks, during light workouts, or as your new bathing suit top. The fabric is cleanly sewn together in the back, giving it a tapered look for style and comfort.

Secret sticky strips inside this bandeau on the top and bottom keep it in place and comfortable all day.The sticky strips extend the entire length of the bandeau from back to back. (See photo below on the right).

HeadBand size guide
HeadBand size guide
VL Bandeau Size Chart

This is our basic size guide for all bandeaus. The fabric is stretchy and soft, so these sizes will vary depending on your unique body shape and size. You know your body better than anyone else, so #youdoyouboo.

* The measurements in the guide are based on measurements taken directly from the body, not the garment. If your measurement is between two sizes, we recommend you select the larger size.