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Our line of Black Label headbands puts the bang in bangarang. These thicker, non-slip headbands will become your new best friend whether you're on a long run, hitting up some hot yoga, or kickin’ tush in a spin class. Black Label is a bit heavier weight than our Signature Couture line and ensures that no matter what workout you do, this headband is right there with you, ready to help you kickass and feel great in even your toughest sweat sessions. 

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When solid colors just won’t cut it, but a thicker, non-slip, more absorbent fit WILL…Welcome To BLACK LABEL. 

All Black Label headbands are precision cut and comfortably sized on a fabric similar to our  best-seller solid headbands. Custom printed in LA on a stretchy, UV resistant poly/lycra blend. This headband is just a bit heavier weight than our Signature Couture line and the fabric is perfect for super sweaty sessions, long distance runs, or high impact workouts. We also recommend this line to those with fine hair where other headwear tends to constantly slip off, this headband stays in place no matter what. These colorfast, washable, and quick dry headbands are an athlete’s best friend. 

Each headband can be opened wide, worn narrow, or folded for a completely unique look.  

**See our SIZING GUIDE for more information. 

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